Shiroma Weerathunge: Global Teacher Friends

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by Shiroma Weerathunge
Expert Educator Columnist, Sri Lanka

It is not easy to have global friends around the world for each person in their life time. But as Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators (MIEEs) in the world we could have to get that great opportunity as the great Microsoft Cooperation. The Microsoft Cooperation has built this great bridge to connect the educators in the world.

“Who can connect together the educators in many schools in the world?”

“Who can create the friendship among the educators in the world?”

Yes. It could do only the Microsoft Cooperation. Microsoft has built a golden bridge for the educators to share the knowledge and new technology. The PIL Network website was the base for that. Through this platform it can be share the educational methodologies, technologies in the world of education and it has created a great place to make the voices of educators and…

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