OFFICE MIX and SWAY in my second school in Samoš (Serbia)

On Monday, January 26th, 2015 was so exciting at Primary school „Lukrecija Ankucić“ in Samoš (Serbia). Although this school isn’t big, their teachers and students are always interested in something new. Because I work here only on Mondays, I prepared them news I have learnt from our Microsoft and also from my new colleagues, Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts. Sway was so awesome for my students, from the fifth till the eighth class. I have shown them this Simple-Wonderful-Attractive and Youth tool for their projects from all school subjects..   Link


Later the same day, teachers from this school were attending one workshop, were they can save their own voice and face, while the PowerPoint presentation is on the interactive board. I was sharing my experience from my MIEExpert15 with them and they were satisfied. Sway was also very attractive, comfortble and easy-to-use tool for teachers.




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