Never thought I’d do it! 

Oh, when could I have SP3?.. hm…

Cripps in the Classroom

Do what you wonder?… Hand back my iPad to school in favour of my Surface Pro3!

I know I have mentioned it before about my dilemma with switching from my beloved iPad to the Surface Pro 3. After using the SP3 for about a month I found that throughout that time I didn’t really pick up the iPad.

Ok, the iPad is without a doubt lighter and more compact. From the moment I picked up the SP3 I loved the bigger screen. Then came the fact that it could work in „App“ mode with the Windows 8 design AND work like a Windows Desktop. Another feature I liked was the keyboard and how easy it was to use either the touchscreen keyboard or on the type cover.

One of the features of the iPad that I missed was an app called iDoceo. There isn’t really a good alternative but work…

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