The „DISKOBOLOS“ teacher Award

JISA – IT Association of Serbia in cooperation with the Association of Serbian science professors, Pedagogical information society in Serbia and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, established the prize „DISKOBOLOS FOR TEACHERS“ with the aim of encouraging IT education in high schools and secondary schools, Given the crucial impact of information technology on the economy of administration, operations and further economic development. It is clear that the influence of teachers depend on IT orientation of students, and therefore the chances of our students but also to the success of the Serbian economy in the future development and the preparation for membership of the European Union.


With orientation to reward those teachers whose students had the most success during the school year 2014-2015, which showed initiative and ability to cooperate with colleagues in various scientific projects, special jury JISA which was composed Goran Jovišić, President of the Association of Serbian science professors Dragan Ilic, President of the Pedagogical Society of Teachers of Informatics, Marina Matijevic, Head of ICT Department, Ministry of Education of Montenegro and Snezana Markovic, State Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, between twenty applications received through our open competition, he chose the shortlist five teachers, as follows:

Darina Poljak from the elementary school’ Mlada pokolenja, Kovačica
Milan Dinić from the elementary school „Vuk Kradzić“ Zitkovac
Mladen Jovanovic Primary School „Desanka Maksimovic“, Nis
Velimir Radlovački from the school center „Nikola Tesla“, Vrsac
Zagorka Pastor Technical School, Kikinda

All the selected teachers will receive commemorative gifts business members of JISA – IT Association of Serbia and the proclamation of the best and award DISKOBOLOS 2015 with a gift a trip to the world ECDL forum will be held in Budapest

10. Dec. 2015 starting at 14h
in a festive atmosphere of the Old Palace, Belgrade City Assembly
in the presence of eminent guests from Europe and Serbia.


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