Never thought I’d do it! 

Oh, when could I have SP3?.. hm…

Cripps in the Classroom

Do what you wonder?… Hand back my iPad to school in favour of my Surface Pro3!

I know I have mentioned it before about my dilemma with switching from my beloved iPad to the Surface Pro 3. After using the SP3 for about a month I found that throughout that time I didn’t really pick up the iPad.

Ok, the iPad is without a doubt lighter and more compact. From the moment I picked up the SP3 I loved the bigger screen. Then came the fact that it could work in „App“ mode with the Windows 8 design AND work like a Windows Desktop. Another feature I liked was the keyboard and how easy it was to use either the touchscreen keyboard or on the type cover.

One of the features of the iPad that I missed was an app called iDoceo. There isn’t really a good alternative but work…

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5 Ways Teachers and Students Can Use Sway in the Classroom

Here are examples from my school to use Sway:

SWAY in My School – 8th grade sways on ICT classes


1) Exploring history and presenting some historical moments from the past

2) Exploring how can they „throw“ PowerPoint presentation in the Sway, and refine its content

3) Exploring Office 365 ( in the Cloud) through Sway and connect both of them

4) Making their thematic photo album -mix of  photos and videos and sharing it with social network

5) Combine Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with Office Mix (uploaded in YouTube) – to make a Flipped Classroom – and share with students / colleagues through OneNote.

SWAY in My School – 8th grade sways on ICT classes

Swaying in two of my my schools!

Informatika sa osmehom - Informatika s úsmevom

For the first time my students have an oportunity to learn how to make some presentations by the Sway. Hera are some of their works….


Nataša Lenhart: Gallery of Naive Art

Svetlana Cicka: Kovačica, my town

Jasmina Holubek: Tolerance

Suzana Bakoš: German Shepherd

Gabriela Feketi: Kovačica, my town

Viktor Urban : MaxBone, my bend

Viktor Jonaš: World’s Water Day 

Renato Jovnaš: Municipality Kovačica


Andrej Tomaš : Graffits in Cities

Daniel Kiš : Space

Ivan Cicka:  Mercedes Benz

Pavel Jonaš : Combat Arms EU

Martin Babka: World of Tanks and Muški i ženski poslovi (Men-Women works)

Igor Patak : Martin Jonaš, naive painter

Dušana Babinjec: Folklor in my heart  and My class

Viktor Hriešik: Vtaky (Birds)

Natalija Murtin: My Class

Marek Žolnaj: Dog (Pes)

Stefani Horeš : My Class

Denis Dudaš: Nikola Tesla  and Little Princ


Pavel Litavski: Coca Cola

Sabina Tomaš: Minhen (Mnichov)

Tatjana Poliak:

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MAking Real Science in SCHools – MARCH in MARCH

It’s been a busy week in the beginning of March. That’s because of one nice workshop called „March in March“. What is it? march logo MARCH (Making Real science in schools) is a project funded by the European Commission under the Life Long Learning program. MARCH brought together a network of nine institutions (The British Council, the Centre for the Promotion of Science and Arts phenomenon, the British Science Association, Forum Democrito, Jungvornweg, Science on Society, Education Development Centre, Ciencia Viva, Greek Ministry of Education) from 7 European countries ( Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Portugal). The objectives of the project are: – Search for the most successful good practices of teaching – The introduction of a method for enhancing functional learning – Interactive teaching and active involvement of students in the development of the learning process – Popularization of Science active influence in science teaching – Creating a functional connection between what is taught and application march   I had participated here together with 20 excellent teachers from Serbia. It was amazing experience! 20150307_132129 20150307_132140 20150307_132145 20150307_132251

Skype in three classrooms – Connection of Three States – Vietnam, Filipini and Serbia

On Monday, March 16th 2015, the students od 7th class in Primary school „Lukrecija Ankucić“ in Samoš, Serbia and me had a wonderful experience – we connected with two elementary schools through Skype.
In fact, thanks to the project of Mr. Nam Ngô Thành from Vietnam and Ms Erliza Leosala from Dasmarinas City, Filipíny  we have had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences .

A couple days ago, the students from Primary school „Mlada pokolenja“ Kovacica have prepared for Skype time and sent video messages to another part of the Earth.

I am sure my students will remember this class of Informatics and ICTfor a long time!

Thank you again, dear colleagues …

20150316_100814 20150316_100836siestaci skype petaci skype

New Technologies in Education


britishCouncilNew Technologies in Education – conference that brought together many stakeholders, was held on 27 and 28 February in Belexport Center in Belgrade.

MEN naslovna
Among the many exhibitors Microsoft has participated, on whose stand we exhibited three colleagues, representatives of Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Program – Katarina Aleksic, Ana Zivkovic (via Skype), and Darina Poljak.

M RADARWe are pleased to present Microsoft Educator Network, MIEE

Programme and activities in this great MIEE family

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Matematika i oko nje

Mathematical thinking


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