Competition in ICT skills and knowledge – Tesla Info Cup


Zvanicna prva str TIK 2015


Tesla Info Cup is competition for students ages 14 and 15 in ICT skills and knowledge,


This year were about 3000 participants from Serbia.

It is an honor to have my students qualified for the higher level of competition – as many as 18 students from the two schools. It will be realized on March 21, 2015 (Saturday) in Smederevo, Serbia.

Who knows – maybe some of them are next MIEExperts?


naslov tik2015


Students who qualified for the second level
of the competition:

Primary School „Mlada Pokolenja“ Kovačica  – 16 students:

1 Filip Straka         27 min 34 s 85.56

2. Marek Filka         35 min 28 s 81.67

3. Jaroslav Petrik     19 min 42 s 77.78

4. Anja Farkas 28 min 12 s 77.78 47 min

5.  Darko Paus 36 min 58 s 76.67

6. Andrej Kotvas 41 min 48 s 76.11

7. Denis Dudas 45 min 31 s 75.83

8. Pavel Urbanek 47 min 36 s 74.22

9. Andrea Lukac 36 min 3 s         73.33
10. Viktor Urban 27 min 43 s 71.11
11. David Svetlik 35 min 59 s 70.67
12. Daniel Barinak 27 min         70.56
13.  Dalibor Dosa 28 min 16 s 68.89
14. Djurko Omasta 27 min 47 s 67.33 
15.  Andrej Tomas 42 min 15 s 65.39
16. Dusan Siroma 26 min 48 s 60.83
Primary School „Lukrecija Ankucić“ Samos – 2 students:
1. Stefan Sekulic 12 min 5 s 37.39  and
2. Aleksandra Milin 7 min 57 s 32.22


More about this competition 


Eminent Teacher – Microsoft Serbia training program



Microsoft Serbia organized for the second time training program for 17 teachers in Serbia, titled „Eminent Teacher“, in February 2015. Thanks to this project  teachers from all over Serbia connect with each other and express their creativity. I had the honor for the second time to be selected in this programe, together with another two MIEE from Serbia – Ana Zivkovic andKatarina Aleksic.

T15990442714_9b4045807a_zhe program consists of teaching activities conected in public relations and the use of social networks. Teachers have been trained with the help of mobile devices design project applications of information and communication technologies in teaching, individually or in cooperation with some of the colleagues from the program. Teachers will be available tablet Asus T100 with Windows 8.1 operating system and Office 365 will help them carry out their plans into practice – from 15 March to 15 May 2015.


This year’s participants are:20150221_181814

  • Ajsela Hadžiahmetovic from Novi Pazar,
  • Ana Zivkovic from Nis,
  • Jasna Ristic from Belgrade,
  • Katarina Aleksic from Belgrade,
  • Ljiljana Jovanovic from Novi Sad,
  • Marina Dorocki from Novi Sad,
  • Mirjana Lazor from Novi Sad,
  • Natasa Andjelkovic from Belgrade,
  • Nevena Ivkovic from Novi Sad,
  • Sasa Spanovic from Apatin,
  • Sylvia Nagy from Senta
  • Slavoljub Mitic from Nis,
  • Svetlana Njegomir from Vrsac,
  • Svetlana Pejcic from Belgrade,
  • Velimir Radlovacki from Vrsac
  • Vladan Mladenovic from Razanj and
  • Darina Poljak from Kovacica.

16431723859_97f10919e0_z 20150221_14205620150221_144350  20150221_164109

Last year  participants in this programme were:

  • Nada Stojičević from Pancevo
  • Katarina Aleksic from Belgrade
  • Maja Andelkovic Seguljev from Belgrade
  • Marijana Ilic from Belgrade
  • Slavica Gomilanovic from Oreskovica
  • Natasa Miljanovic Kovacevic from Sid
  • Marica Trajkovic Antic from Nis
  • Bilјana Veselinovic from Aleksinac
  • Katarina Veljkovic from Kragujevac
  • Jugoslava Lulic from Backa Palanka
  • Svetlana Radlovacki from Vrsac
  • Aleksandra Sekulic from Kula
  • Snezana Klepic from Sombor
  • Vera Isailovic from Arilje
  • Sladjana Trajkovic from Prokuplje
  • Gordana Janevska from Knjazevac and
  • Darina Polјak from Kovacica




Informatika sa osmehom - Informatika s úsmevom



U dane vikenda, 21. i 22. februara u prostorijama Microsoft-a održana su predavanja za 17 nastavnika iz Srbije koji su odabrani za program Ugledni nastavnik…

Učesnici ovog programa su:

1. Ajsela Hadžiahmetović iz OŠ “Selakovac” u Novom Pazaru,

2. Ana Živković iz OŠ „Čegar“ u Nišu,

3. Darina Poljak iz OŠ „Mlada pokolenja“ u Kovačici,

4. Jasna Ristić iz ETŠ „Nikola Tesla“ u Beogradu,

5. Katarina Aleksić iz OŠ „Branislav Nušić“ u Beogradu,

6. Ljiljana Jovanović iz OŠ „Žarko Zrenjanin“ u Novom Sadu,

7. Marina Dorocki iz gimnazije „Isidora Sekulić“ u Novom Sadu,

8. Mirjana Lazor iz SOŠO „Milan Petrović“ u Novom Sadu,

9. vaspitač Nataša Anđelković iz PU „11. april“ u Beogradu,

10. Nevena Ivković iz SOŠO „Milan Petrović“ u Novom Sadu,

11. Saša Španović iz OŠ „Žarko Zrenjanin“ u Apatinu,

12. Silvija Nađ iz Senćanske gimnazije,

13. Slavoljub Mitić iz gimnazije “Svetozar Marković” u Nišu,

14. Svetlana Njegomir…

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Safety first

Social networks are risky because lots of students share too much data about themselves, their friend and family and without thinking post naughty messages or even spread hate speech. We have three important topics we have to integrate in our use of social networks in education: protect students’ data, warn students about oversharing and prevent cyberbullying.

All of mentioned were reasons I decide to give a chance to Yammer as safe learning environment. In Croatia we have great opportunity since Office 365, including Yammer is freely available to all teachers and students…

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