Архиве ознака: skype in the classroom

Skype in three classrooms – Connection of Three States – Vietnam, Filipini and Serbia

On Monday, March 16th 2015, the students od 7th class in Primary school „Lukrecija Ankucić“ in Samoš, Serbia and me had a wonderful experience – we connected with two elementary schools through Skype.
In fact, thanks to the project of Mr. Nam Ngô Thành from Vietnam and Ms Erliza Leosala from Dasmarinas City, Filipíny  we have had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences .

A couple days ago, the students from Primary school „Mlada pokolenja“ Kovacica have prepared for Skype time and sent video messages to another part of the Earth.

I am sure my students will remember this class of Informatics and ICTfor a long time!

Thank you again, dear colleagues …

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